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  Absolutely Free. (2014)      
  On The Beach / Clothed Woman, Sitting (2013)      
  UFO / Glass Tassle (2012)      

Absolutely Free.
Released October 14th, 2014
via Lefse Records
and Arts & Crafts (CANADA)

LP / CD / DD

1. Window of Time
2. Beneath The Air
3. Striped Light
4. Burred Lens
5. Earth II
6. My Dim Age
7. Vision’s
8. Spiral Jetty



Absolutely Free is: Michael Claxton, Matt King & Moshe Rozenberg.
Recorded and mixed by: Steve Clarkson. 
Additional tracking by: Marcel Ramagnano (on My Dim Age), and Absolutely Free. 
Recorded at: 6 Nassau, Boxcar Sound Recording, Boombox Sound, and Studio 5/4. 
Mixed at: (h) Humid Recorder. 
Produced by: Mike Haliechuk. 
Mastered by: Fedge. 

Cover art and layout by: Matt King. 
Photograph by: Jay Shuster.  
Back cover alteration by: David FM Hanes.


Get it from Lefse HERE

Get it from Arts & Crafts (Canada) HERE